READ BEFORE COMMISSIONING!Payment is upfront!! PayPal only!!
If you work with usd$ or any other currency u can pay that in the same amount of Euro€!
Also tap on “family and friends” while sending the money so I get the payment fully!

Extra character is double price!! >w<

Can draw💓: humans, furries, animals, mlp pony’s, gore/blood, feminine/masculine characters, backgrounds, ship art.Can’t draw💔:Nsfw (not for now), hate crime,illegal/weird stuff, anything I’m not comfortable with.

Feel free to ask questions!! 💗


Mini’s: €15💓

Headshot: €21

Busts: €34

Chibi : €25 (€30 custom)

Exclusive custom: €100

Knee- up: €80 (background and add details is €10 extra!)

Fullbody: €100
Background: €10+

Simple reffsheet: €150 (4 drawings)

Complex reffsheet: €200